Creeping back up

You know, now that I’ve moved back home, I haven’t been going out for daily walks (there’s just been no need to walk anywhere), or eating like a student (not like I’ve been starving). So, as expected, I’ve been putting the weight back on.

Let’s see. Before the term I was hitting close to 230 to 235. By the end, I was steady at 221.5. Now, things are starting to creep back up. It’s not like I haven’t been making efforts. I’ve been putting time on the treadmill and working up a good sweat. I guess all it takes is time.

The big vacation is in about a month. I’ve got to at least keep working at myself to get to the point where I’ll have stamina to handle minimal sleep, being on my feet all day, handling jet lag, etc etc. I have an indefinite goal in mind. Probably better than no goal, you know?

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