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Back when I left my previous workplace in December, my old boss told me that he was looking forward to working with me again, especially since I was scheduled to graduate soon. So, with that assurance, I was content to go about my last academic term feeling that I had a backup plan. Thing is, my boss recently went on paternal leave for an extended period, meaning that there was an acting manager there in his place.

Well, a little while ago I got an email from a coworker asking me what I was doing, because the group had an open position that needed to be filled as soon as possible. Of course, I had to tell him that I was still busy with school. He did offer though to throw my name in to the working manager as an ideal candidate. It’s now a few months later from when this last exchange happened. Today I emailed him asking what the status was in the way of open positions. Unfortunately, he said there weren’t any. He also informed me that even though he pointed to me as an “ideal candidate”, the acting manager had other ideas of what an “ideal candidate” was. What an absolute crock that is. I could go on a rant about this, but seriously, do I even need to? It’s really too bad. I would have served them well. I could wait for my old boss to come back from his leave, but I really don’t know when that will be. Even then, nothing is guaranteed. So, it looks like I’ll be looking elsewhere.

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