Month 4 Progress

Once you’re off the tracks, it’s really tough to get back on without a large amount of effort. And I suppose it seems that I haven’t put that effort in. I can count the amount of workouts I’ve had in the past month on my two hands. As a result, by weight has been fairly stable. There has been nothing lost, but also nothing gained. I’m not horribly disappointed because I’m fully aware that results are a function of the effort put in.

Anyway, in the next few months or so, I’ve taken steps to combat this inertia. Today, I went to the Running Room and signed up for the Learn to Run Clinic. I’m pretty darned psyched about the prospect. I mean, I’ve wanted to be a runner for a long time. Seriously. Though, I am totally a nonathletic person. So, I’ve been kind of reluctant to head out there for fear of being totally self-conscious in a bad way, know what I mean? I went out jogging with Yuki before, and I remember that being tough. I haven’t been out since then–I’ve stuck with the treadmill. However, that’s just not the same as being in the open-air, right?

When I paid for the clinic, at the register, I muttered to my friend: “I can’t believe I just signed up.” I still can’t believe it, really.

Ooh…I’m ready to rock.

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