Physically confused

My body is a little bit confused right now. I have the midnight shift tonight and I’ve been attempting to force myself to get some rest beforehand. However, no matter how much I lie in bed I’ve been unable to put myself under. Man, usually I have no problem taking naps during daylight hours, so what’s so different about today? I have a run pencilled in at 7 tonight so maybe I’m unconsciously prepping myself for that. At this point, I’m a little bit afraid of being ridiculously tired come 4 or 5 am (even more than I would be). I know the nightclub noise will keep me awake until at least 3. I just don’t want to be a walking zombie by the wee hours. Given the commotion the site has generated over the past few days, I need to be able to function should anything bad happen.

Seriously: M-day can’t come soon enough.

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