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You know, I did manage to get that document done. Thing is, I had to wake up at 4 in the morning just to get it done. No matter. In the end I still got it to the meeting for review, and that’s all that matters. I actually participated in that meeting from the comfort of my sofa via Skype. Good thing: since the conference bridge is toll free it didn’t eat into my Skype credits.

So why was I working from home? I was here because I had to wait for a delivery to come in. Finally, after two months of waiting I finally received my dining table. Back when I purchased my furniture, I spotted the dining table and kind of knew that that was the one I wanted. The only issue was that it was out of stock at the time. The salesperson told me that the computers said that it’d be in stock within weeks. So, because of my patient nature I decided to just go with it. Well, the weeks stretched out. I briefly considered that I might want to cancel the order, but I think deep down I knew that I was willing to wait. I mean, I was sort of content eating at the breakfast bar. Gosh, people who knew I was waiting must have thought I was insane to wait so long. Last week, I finally got a call from the salesperson saying that the table and chairs were finally in stock, and that I should arrange delivery. And…here it is.

The new dining table

I think it looks great. It coordinates really well with my living room items: particularly the sofa and the Ikea Expedit tables. It actually provides a decent transition from the living room to the kitchen. As well, my current tableware should match well with the shape of the table. It just works! I need to head to the stores this weekend to find some good place mats and heat pads. Something to put under the peace lily would be great too.

At this moment, the only thing that’s sort of egregiously out of place is the TV stand. I have some idea what I want to replace my current piece with, but it’s not as high of a priority right now. I’m kind of content at the moment. That’s a very good thing.

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