Three years…and onward

I’m in the middle of the taper period for this training cycle, which is kind of an odd feeling for me because truthfully I’ve been taking it easy for the past month or two. It’s sort if like I’ve been in taper all along. Anyway, I had a 6K run on schedule. At the first stop light I ran into a friend who started out in the Learn to Run clinic with me back in 2007. The first thing he said to me was “Happy third anniversary!” It took me a few moments before it occurred to me just what he was talking about. This month marks the third anniversary of when I started running. Damn, in this span of time so much has happened. I’m not going to spend this post reflecting on it too much because I’ve already done that in the past. Instead, I just want to think about the future.

What lies in store for me? Well, I have to say that one of my bigger struggles in terms of running is just the struggle of mustering up the confidence to tackle things. Sure, it may seems like my transitions have been smooth. I progressed through the clinics and really made a home for myself with the half marathon. I’ve been training for those for the past two years. And we all know that that eventually led to me coaching the clinic successfully. Still, each progressive steps was tough. I often doubted myself and asked “what am I doing even considering taking this next step?” It was a good question. If I wanted to I could list out a bunch of reasons why I shouldn’t be running farther or harder. In the end though each time I shoved it all aside and just went for it just to hush the naysayers in my head. I’ve stayed at the half marathon level for a long while because I told myself that I have no business training for a full marathon. If I feel so ragged after a half, what makes me think that a full would be any more tolerable? It seems though that other people believe I can do it more than I believe it. So, today, close to three years from when I started running and could barely hold a run for 1 minute, I signed up to do full marathon training.


I signed up for eighteen weeks of heavy duty training, leading up to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. These are going to be some long nights, with a decent drive to and from Markham. What have I gotten myself into? Well…whatever it is…I know I can tackle it one way or another. Bring it on!

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  1. g19 says:

    Sounds interesting. Just curious… why did you start running? And how much did you spent on your running shoes?

    1. Jay says:

      Got started after seeing a segment on TV saying that anyone can run. I always wanted to learn how to do it properly, so that’s when I joined Running Room. Been progressing since.

      Running shoes cost about $120 every 500 kilometres, or whenever the shoes fail to give me enough support anymore.

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