Left out of the fuss

All over Facebook and Twitter I’m seeing a lot of words of encouragement and excitement over tomorrow’s running events. Both the Goodlife Toronto Marathon and the Mississauga Marathon are happening taking place in the morning. I did the Toronto marathon last year, and I’ve done the half at Mississauga two years in a row.

I must say, I feel left out of all of the fuss. I really wish I was a part of it all. I know. I made the choice to take a running break. I don’t regret it. I needed time away. Still, there’s something about the act of preparation and the camaraderie that goes on in the running groups that’s just so very rewarding.

I know that I’ll be back at it soon enough. That’s a given. For now, the best I can do is cheer on all of the people I know that are participating in tomorrow’s events. May the wind be at all of their backs.

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