Resting for my own good

Monday’s workout was a bit of a tough one for me. It involved a lot of jump rope and box jumps. I didn’t do so well if only because skipping requires more coordination than I would have wanted. I went home encouraging myself to just work harder at my next workout. Sounded all well and good, but it wasn’t until Tuesday that I finally noticed that I seem to have done a number on my left Achilles tendon. As I got ready for work I was feeling some discomfort, so I brought some muscle cream. I didn’t care if my desk area had a blast radius of odour. On my way to the office I found it rather difficult to walk up the stairs. It’s like there was a sharp stabbing pain at the affected area. My body, in an effort to compensate, was doing something weird causing my right knee to be achy. All in all I wasn’t feeling great. I vowed to rest my legs well such that by the time Wednesday rolled around I’d be in good condition to head back to CrossFit. Well, when Wednesday came I found that my Achilles was still in pain. Bad!

So, my sensible mind was telling me that I needed to spend some time just letting the pain heal. This was butting up against the other part of my mind that was actually trying to get me to ignore the injury and just go for it. Imagine, the voice was saying things like: “Oh, chances are the that the workout won’t involve a lot of jumping around. You can still lift.” Heh, I really was close to going up until I posted about my dilemma on Facebook. The big consensus was that I should rest. The Achilles is one part of the body that’s not to be messed with. Someone was just telling of someone they knew that ruptured their Achilles and ended up needing 8 months to recover. Crazy! So with all of that in mind that’s why I decided to take it easy on Wednesday. Ah, but I was actually feeling antsy about doing so. What was I missing out on? Was I ruining my momentum? All the same I knew that I was doing it for my own good. Now after the fact I don’t regret it at all. Why put my health at risk just to feel like I’m super-human? Please. God knows there are plenty of other ways to feel that way.

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  1. Anon says:

    Rest that achilles and stop Crossfit immediately! There is an epidemic of achilles ruptures with Crossfit, you’ve barely evaded a complete rupture! The wod your coaches rx’d is irresponsible and hundreds of people the last year have ruptured their achilles doing the same one.

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