About Jason

(updated August 7, 2010)

Hi, my name is Jason.

I’m an engineering grad with a tech job in downtown Toronto. I’m battling that ongoing struggle to define who I am and what I want, all while trying to maintain some sanity when everything else has gone crazy.

Despite the tech job, I don’t consider myself a tech nerd. I’m good at what I do, but I willingly leave the interest in techno-babble at work. My interests wander around and weave an interesting patchwork. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to any of it.

I’m a runner. I’m far from being fast, but I have the determination needed to get the distances done. I’ve completed my first half-marathon in September 2008. I’ve done many races since then, continually making improvements as I go. I’ve even spread my love of running to other people by coaching the Learn To Run and Half-Marathon clinics at my local Running Room. I am currently training for my first full-marathon in September.

I have taken up the art of improv, or improvisational comedy. Every since my first encounter with the British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway in New York City in 1993 I always thought it was a cool activity. Not really seeing how I could get into such an activity without being an actor or artsy-type, I just set that desire to learn aside. A few years ago, a friend sent me a link to a set of classes at Bad Dog Theatre on the Danforth in Toronto. I lived far away at the time, so I told myself it just wasn’t convenient, so again I set that aside. I eventually moved to my own place and finally decided to take the plunge and learn. Many months later, I find that I absolutely love this activity. It’s a chance to be creative, be silly, and to make people laugh. I’m close to finishing up the four beginners’ levels, and after that we’ll see where this activity takes me.

Languages interest me. I find etymology interesting. I have the right mind for trivia. I am a background observer type. I cook, and I bake. I’m great at making cookies. I make use of Oxford commas. I like nice stuff, without being all ostentatious and in-your-face about it. I walk slowly, but quietly. That makes me good at sneaking up on people. I like walking long distances. I sweat tremendously. The corollary is that I love cooler weather. I can swing from silly to serious, air-headed to severe, dedicated to aloof. I’m like Shrek: I’m an ogre with many layers. I fit a classic Scorpio archetype.

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