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New Canada, new media

This election is sort of what the polls indicated, no? Just didn’t think it would blow up to the extent that it did. Let’s see: two party leaders turfed, third party rising to opposition status, majority status to a party that was on a leash for the past 5 years, and the first elected Green Party MP? Wow. Who says this stuff isn’t interesting?


Geez, but what made this election night so fascinating is Twitter. Just like during the Vancouver Olympics, for me Twitter just added another dimension to the whole experience. Ideas were bouncing back and forth, and the snark flowed freely. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation. And, since I tend to follow a lot of urbanites with left-wing sensibilities there was a lot of gnashing of teeth. It’s amazing how the communal mind seemed to work.

All said, I’m glad the election is over. It means less sniping at commercial breaks. Still, I’m sort of excited for the next big event, more just to be part of the whole conversation going on on Twitter.

Don’t get me started

With the Canadian federal elections coming up it’s only natural that the topic of politics is at the forefront of people’s minds. This is a topic that needs discussion. More discourse is needed, right? Thing is, I need better judgment in terms of identifying the type of people who will go in really deep about their views, or those for whom it’s a topic that gets them all riled up. It’s really quite fascinating.

Sushi and talk radio

I met with a friend this weekend at an all you can eat sushi place. I can remember back in the day a time when we could really get our money’s worth at these places. These restaurants could sense our approach and the managers inside would sweat from fear. Ah, but that was back then. Things are much different now. After the first round of food we were kind of agape from the apparent gluttony. I’m sure we just had this dumb look on our faces as if we were beaten and unable to move. After the second round we just gave up and asked for dessert. Shameful, I say! We ordered banana tempura and some fruit to cleanse our palates. When they brought it they also brought a deep fried pork cutlet at which our eyes just bugged out. We were shocked and trembling at the thought of having to eat it. Luckily the waitress just made a mistake–the cutlet was supposed to go to another table. Good thing–there was no way either of us could eat anymore meat.

Anyway, as we left we wanted to take a quick walk around to allow the food to work its way down into a more comfortable position. Unfortunately, it was really windy with snow and rain pelting us so we decided to head back to my car and just hang out. While we were in there, she explained to me about how she’s slowly getting into talk radio. She mentioned that she’s really enjoying listening to CBC Radio One in the morning. Well, out of curiosity I’ve been giving it a shot on my morning commutes. I mean, I’m feeling a bit fatigued from the usual Top 40 radio; a change is good.

I can totally see why CBC Radio One is actually “the top station in the Toronto radio market” for this past fall. As I listen on the commute, I feel like I’m learning. When I’m at home, I actually like watching the news, so this is a good fit. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten into the station earlier.

Man, what a time to get into talk radio in Canada. Hoooooly. All of this back-and-forthing is insane. I remember after the last election there was a bit of reflection over how Canadian politics isn’t as sexy or exciting as its American counterpart. Well, holy crap, how’s this? I’ll be honest, this is a very interesting time. I’m learning a large amount about Canadian Parliament. I’m learning new terms.

When parliament is prorogued, it stays constituted but goes into recess with all active bills and motions killed. It’s essentially a time out.

If there’s anything good to come of this, it’s got people interested. The last election was marked with a mild sense of apathy with only a 50+% turnout (I think that’s right). After this? If there’s an election I can only imagine that turn out will be better because just about everyone’s got an opinion now. These are some interesting times.

Shifting numbers

I’m sitting here splitting my attention between the TV screen and my laptop. Maybe it’s the math geek in me, but I sort of enjoy watching the political numbers shift up and down as the ballots are tallied. Yet, despite all of the movement, the results have already been called. The stations are predicting a Conservative minority government so now the question becomes: how strong of a minority will it be? The geography nut part of me is liking this interactive map from the CBC.

My whole non-partisan take on this is that among the two main contenders, no matter which party wins, either party will act with the country’s best interests in mind. Ideologies may differ, but the love for this country of ours ties us all together, and that’s just awesome.

Twitchy politics

I was just thinking about this a bit earlier. Coming off the election this past Wednesday, I’ve been encountering a lot of “intelligent” conversation as of late. People say that you should generally avoid the topics of religion and politics. I guess the moratorium on that’s been lifted temporarily. It’s nice to have such conversations on occasion, but it still makes me mildly twitchy. First of all, I’ve got a case of the mental haze. When I’m on top of things, I can express myself clearly and concisely. More often than not though, my concentration is lacking, and sometime my thoughts have a very long delay before they make it to my mouth. Sometimes it comes off as me being stoned, you know? Writing isn’t so bad, because there’s enough time to process everything. Anyway.

The other reason that politics talk makes me twitchy is that I don’t know how to react with some people who just “don’t get it.” I was blessed last night to be with people who’ve got informed opinions. However, I still remember this one time at a restaurant with someone who suggested he had really little “respect” for life and suggested things like sterilizing people to prevent them from giving birth to children in poverty. Boy, that lunch went over well.

It’s really interesting. I’ve joked around with some people about wanting to go into politics. How can I though when I’ve got such a weak stomach for it? It’s OK. A cubicle life isn’t so bad.

Heh. I’m being facetious. :neutral:

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